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Industrial coatings

The demands on coatings systems concerning environmental adaption, processability and quality is very high. Together with our suppliers Plantag Coatings, Bomix and Peter Lacke we constantly develop products to meet our customers demands and wishes. Our special areas are paint and coatings, for polymeric materials, wood, paper foil and graphic products.

Coating systems

High quality paint systems, water or solvent based in 1K and 2K versions for a wide product range. For top of the range performance and demands of special requirements there are also UV-curing paint systems.
We also offer primers for different kinds of adhesion purposes.

Björn Leinen +46 (0)31-332 63 74 bjorn.leinen@lagotech.se
Martin Scherman +46 (0)31-332 63 68 martin.scherman@lagotech.se
Jan Dahlberg +46 (0)31-332 63 77 jan.dahlberg@lagotech.se

Paper foil coatings

Painted foils for particle boards and MDF within furniture manufacturing. We offer one of the most complete range of water based 1K and 2K, clear or pigmented systems. Also UV-curing and EBC systems for these types of foils.
Jan Dahlberg +46 (0)31-332 63 77 jan.dahlberg@lagotech.se