We have worked with Björn Sandström and Framgångsbolaget on several occasions before. Previously, all employees at LagoTech have done a Disc analysis, which is a personality test used to improve productivity, teamwork, and communication. This has then led to several fun and rewarding discussions around the dining table here at the office.

On Friday, December 1st, it was time for the next step in the process of taking team LagoTech to the next level. Together with Björn and Framgångsbolaget, we were given the opportunity to reflect on stress at work and how to develop a structure to become more efficient and feel less stress. Based on their work role, everyone got the opportunity to discuss what creates stress and how they view their work environment. Very good as it is easy in a workplace to take your colleagues for granted and sometimes you may need to take a step back if someone has a lot.

Björn also gave us the tools to create a plan and learn how to prioritize. Usually during a working day or a working week, a lot happens, and it is easy to push some tasks for other things. Here at LagoTech we work very broadly. It is everything from logistics to customer visits but also work in the lab and warehouse, which means that during a day you get involved in many different parts. With a clear structure, you can reduce the feeling of stress and create a clear priority ahead to be as available as possible and feel that you know what is expected of you in the workplace. We love helping and to learn from each other. These tools gave us clarity on how to think about being the best version of ourselves at work.

We say a big thank you to Björn Sandström and Framgångsbolaget for a nice and instructive day and are already looking forward to the next opportunity.