We want to highlight ACMOS 82-2405!

In our industry, much of what we sell is customized and tailored to the customer. We therefore want to take the opportunity to highlight a product that is both specific and broad. ACMOS 82-2405 a product we think everyone should know more about.

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ACMOS 82-2405, mold release agent in a spray can that consists of a slightly harder, liquid, wax that dries quickly and gives a matte wax surface.

This release agent is very popular with our customers.

It is mainly designed to release parts made of polyester, epoxy and vinylester but works equally well for polyurethanes (PUR) foamed as well as solid (elastomers).

ACMOS 82-2405 is our largest general purpose release agent in terms of the wide range of products it is used for. It is most suitable in the manufacture of small parts or as a supplementary release agent in larger production, then as an aid in, for example, ingots and / or tougher worn problem surfaces in molds. Perfect for the workshop, production or to have in the service box.

Supplied in boxes of 12 400 ml spray cans. We can of course arrange individual cans.

Also available in 5 and 20 kg packaging.