A warm welcome to LagoTech! We are very happy to welcome three new faces to us here in Mölnlycke. From the left in the picture are:

Joakim Ländin, Sandra Sandberg and Anton Dahlén.

We have asked them to tell us a little about themselves.


I studied chemical engineering and polymer technology, first at the University of Växjö and then at Chalmers. I thought of a job in the chemical process industry, but got a job at the paper mill in Billingsfors. I worked as a product developer there for 9 years. During that time, I came into contact with LagoTech for the first time. Janne and I worked a bit together when it came to new products for their coaters. In 2011 I changed jobs but remained in the paper and pulp industry through a job at BIM Kemi in Stenkullen. In the beginning I was product developer and lab manager combined but quite quickly transformed myself into just a lab manager. It was interesting and challenging to work as a manager and I could definitely imagine doing it again at some point. In 2018 I changed my focus to BIM and started working as a technical salesperson.

The following year I got my own Customer responsibility for around 10 customers in southern Sweden, from Bromölla in the south to Karlstad in the north.A lot of traveling but it’s also very stimulating with such varied work. One day it was troubleshooting a dosing plant. The next day meeting with central purchasing for one of Europe’s largest paper and pulp groups.

A total of 21 years in the paper and pulp industry, so now it was time for new challenges, with a little delight mixed with horror. It therefore feels very good to be reacquainted with and now be part of team LagoTech.”


“In 2010 I packed up my life in Sweden and moved to Virginia, USA. There I combined studies with football at Averett University. In 2014, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, majoring in chemistry. After that, I stayed for a year on a work visa where I did research in both bioenergy and plant pathology.
In 2015, I moved back home to Sweden and started working as a lab technician at Sahlgrenska’s pathology lab. A year later, I moved on to Histocenter AB, which belongs to the private sector in histopathology. I worked as a biomedical engineer where the primary focus was on histopathological research. In 2019, I worked as a quality manager for the management system that was accredited according to ISO 17025. During my last year at Histocenter, I worked as operations manager.

I enjoy working in the private sector and think it’s incredibly fun with research and development, to work tailored to the customer and to help solve the customer’s problems and/or development.

Sometimes being able to “jump in” and help where needed makes working days fun, I think.
When a job opportunity at LagoTech appeared, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I am happy to be a part of team LagoTech! ”


“My main work experience comes from the 5 years I spent in the school world. I also lived for a short period in South Korea where I worked in sales and marketing. It was during this period that I felt that this was something I wanted to develop in and I then applied to IHM Business School where I studied International Account Management. This training led to greater knowledge in relational sales and marketing. Ever since my years in the school world, I have found it fun to build relationships, and that is exactly why it feels so good to come to LagoTech, where they place so much focus on being close to the customer. In my work, I will also have a lot of focus on marketing.

In my free time, a lot revolves around football. The fun part of this is both the active training and being part of a team with all that that entails.

I feel that much of what I think is important, they are also passionate about at LagoTech and that our values ​​are very similar. It feels great to be part of LagoTech!”

If you have any thoughts or concerns, you can reach our new employees under the contact tab, there is also the rest of the LagoTech team.

Warm welcome!