Håkan has been in the industry since 1991, before that he worked in the paint industry. Håkan started his career in the PUR industry at the time when we were called Lagomat. After this became BASF Sweden, Håkan with his knowledge was one of those who remained at BASF and worked in the lab. BASF then chose to move its production to Germany and we, now called LagoTech, became a collaboration partner. This led to us getting Håkan back in 2014. Among the employees who were there at the time, the day Håkan came back is often compared to Christmas Eve.

Håkan is an important piece of the puzzle in what would become team LagoTech. He brings experience and knowledge but also laughter and a positivity that should not be taken for granted. First into work each day, he sets the tone for the rest of us. Through his knowledge, he is involved in the processes to solve the customers’ needs. He is someone to bounce ideas off for the rest of us and if you go out to the lab, Håkan is always there with a helping hand.

Now Håkan also has to take on a new role as a mentor to the new hires, and he has solved this with flying colours. With his calmness and patience, he guides a new generation into the world of Polyurethane. We hope Håkan will stay for many more years, even if he himself occasionally sneaks in that retirement is approaching…

It has been many years together and we hope for a few more with Håkan in team LagoTech.